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Atlantis Miniatures are a UK based miniature company focused on creating High Quality Resin Fantasy Miniatures.

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We are currently operating as normal shipping packages and will update this information if things change based on government recommendations

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Standard Affiliate Scheme rate 10%
Link to scheme registration. Please note that Atlantis Miniatures maintain the right to accept or deny registration.

Affiliate schemes work by using unique links to each affiliate, that monitor the traffic to the store and presents you with a percentage of any sales that come via your unique link.


Over the past few years, we have engaged with as many events, reviews and sponsorships as we can. It is great as a small business to support other small businesses. We have found that over recent months we are receiving a large amount of requests and we can't practically engage with all of them. The hardest part of this process is saying no to people and being heavily selective out of necessity. If we said yes to everything it would stack up quite quickly. This is both a business decision and a personal decision. We may open up to engage in the future but at this point we have pulled our engagement/ sponsorships to a hold. This may change in the near future but with the amount of requests we are receiving it will have to boil down to a blanket statement at this point in time. My sincerest apologies.



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