Mythology Kickstarter: How does it work?

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Hi Everyone!

This post is targeted at helping those who have never used Kickstarter before but may be interested in joining us on our Mythology Campaign!

First of all the Discounts!
Kickstarter works by allowing companies to create or produce more than they usually would on a pre-order basis. This means that you will receive the products after the production period is complete. But in return we offer heavy discounts in order to thank you for making it all possible.

What do I get from joining?
We offer more freedom to our Kickstarter backers allowing any combination of minis to be ordered. You can pick and choose exactly what you want. After the campaign, we will cut down the options to mainly sets as opposed to individuals.

You will have access to the campaign wall, where you can join in discussions and most importantly give us some feedback, as we progress through the stages of production. It could be comments like ‘ I think the axe is in an awkward position’. These little nuggets of feedback really do help us to steer the products in the right direction.

You will also receive updates via email, including sculpting progress, 3d print reveals and the final products.

We also like to include a Kickstarter Exclusive. A mini that you will only be able to get during the campaign and via the pledge manager for a limited period of time.

So how do I get involved?
The link to the kickstarter will go live approximately 11:30-11:45 GMT. It will be posted on facebook, twitter and there will be a click through linked image on our Home page/Online store.

This is a preview for some window shopping and choosing what you want. It will start allowing orders from 12:00 GMT.

Getting there early is only really important if you want an Early bird offer. There will be an additional £10 off for a limited number of backers on the core box set!

Simply pick and choose exactly what you want, whether it be an individual mini, the core box or a combination. You can choose of the options down the side for example ‘Early bird core box’ or pledge the amount in the top box for what you want.

After the campaign you will receive a code (to the value of your pledge) and a link to our website/pledge manager. Simply follow the link, pick what you want and pay shipping to formalise your order.

You can add to your order after the campaign by simply adding more to your cart and paying the difference.


I don’t understand Stretch Goals?
Basically. we have approximately 20 minis in this campaign. At first, all of the core box items will be available to order. As funding increases, we would ‘unlock’ more minis making them available to order.

For example at a certain level of funding the Cerberus mini may be unlocked. Once unlocked, if you want it, you can increase your pledge amount to cover the cost of that mini.

Stretch goals will come in two types… Most are Add-Ons which mean they have to be paid for if you want to add them to your order. A few of them will be freebies. This means that once unlocked core box backers will also get that mini for free. If you havn’t picked a box you can still order it but at the price defined in the image.

How much is shipping?
Shipping prices will be at the bottom of the campaign, but should not be added to your pledge amount. We can offer the best prices possible by using the online store for that aspect.

When will I receive the minis?

This is quite important. By pre-ordering you are receiving a heavy discount under the outlined production and shipping date. But the wait is broken up by awesome updates and a community involvement!

How much are the discounts?
generally we have discounts of around 22 to 31% and for the early bird backers there is an additional £10 off

How many early bird offers will there be?
There will be approximately 50 at £10 off and 25 at £5 off. So to get the absolute cheapest prices the tactic is to load the page. It will be available from 11:30-11:45 but won’t start taking orders until 12:00. So be ready keep clicking reload and grab one of the limited offers!

I hope this helps and we’re here to help if you have any questions !

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