Dwarf Painting Competition 2018

Dwarf Painting Competition 2018

Start Date:  LIVE NOW
Final Submissions: 30 SEPT 

Please note this outline of the competition may be updated.

Dwarves can be bought via the link below ( More stock coming soon)



  • Store credit
  • Atlantis Freebies
  • Undeclared prizes / contributions from other companies
  • Featured Store Front Banner: Winners will be heavily featured online and be included in our rotating store front advertisement for an undeclared period of time.


  • You may pick any Atlantis Dwarf or Atlantis Dwarf with Mount only
  • You can enter any number of dwarves. They will be counted as separate entries
  • One Dwarf per picture entry ..This includes one dwarf on one mount
  • Mild to Mid-level customisation of products are allowed
  • Miniatures must be based whether simple black base or decorated
  • High Quality photos must be provided. We recommend borrowing a good camera or at least a high quality camera phone
  • By entering the competition, you accept that Atlantis Miniatures has the right to share and use your images on Social Media
  • All applicants must email the final images to dan@atlantisminiatures.com to avoid social media compression.


  • We will judge the competition in house and under advisement from friends in the industry.
  • Applicants will be judged on colour scheme and quality of paint work
  • Basing will only be allocated 5 percent of marking criteria. We are really looking to keep the focus on the dwarves but who doesn’t love a good base!
  • You will not be judged on the background of your images, although clean white, black or grey is preferred as to not steal from the paint work. We recommend paper background or a light box if you're fortunate to have one/ know someone who has one.


Amateur/Hobbyist Categories


  • Dwarf Individual
  • Dwarf with Mount


Professional Category 

This category is to separate any artists who would acknowledge being a paid professional for their craft, to keep it fair for amateurs and hobbyists

  • Any Dwarf individual or Dwarf with mount

Additional Information

  • For those of you who have seen the stunning work by Alan O’ Bryan. Don’t be intimidated.  Alan would be required to engage in the Professional Category and create something new :)
  • It is welcomed for all images to be shared on social media platforms including works in progress
  • Some applicants may be messaged to ask permission to use the images on the online store using an image credit to the painters. You may deny this request with no effect to the judging stage.
  • Winners will be announced 1-2 weeks after the competition is over. Exact date to be announced

    Thanks and have fun!
    Atlantis Miniatures