Shipping Dates!

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Daniel Jack

Hi Everyone!

As always, quality is at the top of our priority list and we continue to move forwards! 

Progress/Shipping Dates

Although it has been a very busy last two months, production progress has been slower than our very ambitious production schedule. With our sincere apologies it has now become necessary to move our shipping date back. 

After a few conversations with production our new shipping date is estimated for July/August 2016.

We know that a lot of you are itching to get your hands on the goodies and we thank you for your patience and support! If you have any questions at all, simply send us a message on here or email us at:

Where have the delays come from?

The delays lie directly on our shoulders due to the improvements and delays caused by taking the miniatures to the next level! 

In production, March/April in particular has seen our first set of hurdles including:

  •  3D printer temporarily out of action -new parts required (now back up and running)
  • 'UK Salute Wargaming Show' resulting in Casting being much busier than usual

 Where are we now? 

We still have a reasonable print queue to battle through and hand over to casting! The silver lining being that we have taken down most of the high demand miniatures and the products left have short first runs in casting- aka will have a faster turnaround.

 Although we have the shipping news, it also comes with an opportunity! Whilst we have our print queue ticking along we are improving some of our larger miniatures at the end of the print queue and taking them to the next level!  Check out our Ettin developments! 











The response to our first range has been mind blowing! Items on our store continue to go out of stock for our Wave 1 allocation! 

Register for a back in stock email by inputting your email on the product description! 

What Next? 

With this project creeping further into Summer, and another large project on the Horizon with our mythological range, we are now considering a mini kickstarter to bridge the gap between the two. 

Please note this kickstarter will not go live until we have fulfilled Wave 1 shipping! Originally, the Dwarfs would have been released in conjunction with our mythological range. But now we are breaking the release into two, to keep a steady rate of work! 

Dwarves Preliminary List 

  • 10 x Dwarf Male Infantry 
  • 10 x Dwarf Female Infantry 
  • 3 x Dwarf Pig Riders 
  • 3 x Dwarf Ram Riders 
  • 3 x Dwarf Bear Riders 
  • 1 x Dwarf King on Pygmy Mammoth 
  • 1 x Dwarf War Chief on Mountain Lion/ Sabertooth 
  • 1 x Dwarf Forge Master 
  • 1 x Dwarf Brew Master 
  • 1 x Dwarf Cleric 

The project will not get much larger than this but we are open to a few more suggestions for our first Dwarf release! 

Rough First Concept!!




Atlantis Miniatures

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February Competition!

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Daniel Jack

Competition Time!

Our goal for this month is to increase our visibility and presence on Social Media. We've had a brilliant start and have already over doubled the traffic to our store! But we're not stopping there. It is time for a long overdue competition!

Competition goes live 18/02/2016 2PM (UK time) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Two ways of winning!


Prize 1: £50 Atlantis Miniatures Gift Card

Share and like!

Simply share and like the competition post. A winner will be picked at random! The competition will be posted on 3 different platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Triple your chances of winning by fulfilling the criteria on each platform!

Facebook: Share and like for a chance to win

Twitter: Follow us and retweet for a second chance to win

Instagram: Follow us and like the post for a third chance to win

Prize 2: £50 Atlantis Miniatures Gift Card

Best Suggestion wins!!

Suggestions can be for range 2 or ideas for future products. The more ideas the better! No limit! Suggestions can be completely conventional and appropriate, hilariously creative or magnificently elaborate!


Range 2 Preliminary List:


This competition will help us to get a better idea of what our audience wants, trends and of course the added bonus of some creative genius and amusing contributions!

Competition Ends Saturday 27th February! Winners announced Sunday 28th February!


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Range 2 Preliminary List!

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Daniel Jack

Range 2 (Preliminary List)

There is a very strong mythological focus underlying Range 2! We've got another month before we get the ball rolling but would love to know what you think of the preliminary list. Make sure to get involved in the discussion and let us know what you think. Are you interested? Is there anything in particular that takes your fancy? What would you add? What do you want to see in the future?

  • Typhon (father of all monsters)
  • Echidna (mother of all monsters)
  • Cyclops 
  • Naga x 5 male 
  • Naga x 5 creatures 
  • Naga x 5 females 
  • Medusa
  • Centaurs x 5 male
  • Centaurs x 5 female
  • Centaur Boss
  • Minotaur x 5 
  • Werewolf x 3
  • Vampires x 3
  • Mermaids/syrens x 5 (maybe)
  • Harpies x 5 (maybe)
  • Hippogriff
  • Cerberus (plus Hades maybe)
  • Chimera 
  • Manticore 
  • Hydra
  • Kraken
  • Griffin
  • Nemean Lion
  • Dragons x 3

    Non Mythological

    • Dwarves
    • Bridge Troll
    • Desert Trolls
    • Snow Trolls
    • Reptilian Beast (name to be decided)

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      Online Store Live!

      Posted on September 01, 2015 by Bold Apps

      With great pleasure and excitement our store is officially Live!

      First things first and most importantly, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to our Kickstarter backers for their support and for making our first collection of miniatures a reality!

      Kickstarter link:

      We're very proud of the clean and minimalistic appeal to our website. Over the coming months we will continue to add sculpt updates, new images and more angles to our products!

      Wave 1 orders are set to ship in February 2016. Until this point expect to see the 3D sculpts gradually improve and an influx in 3D print and casting photos added to our product line!

      Our store is currently set up as an extension of our Kickstarter funding. We are maintaining our kickstarter prices for another month or two, including all available kickstarter offers except our Kickstarter Special (Wyvern Baby with Baby Goblin). If you are a Kickstarter backer and are entitled to a Kickstarter Special via the predefined rules, please send us a message after you confirm your order so that we can add a note to your order!

      Kickstarter Exclusives: Goblin Female Handler and Goblin Elder will be available on our store as an extension to our Kickstarter funding for approximately 1-2 months. So snatch them up while they're still available!

      Make sure to have a look at out 'About Us' section, where there is an explanation of how get a Freebie option added to your order!

      Thanks Everyone!

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